Latino Conservation Day at Fire Island

Join the Friends of Fire Island National Seashore for a Family Friendly FREE Day on Fire Island! We will meet at the Patchogue Ferry Terminal at 8:30. Register by July 15 to receive your FREE ferry tickets! You will receive a round-trip ferry pass, so you can return at any time you wish throughout the day. We will provide free access and bi-lingual tours and events throughout the day. Friends of Fire Island will provide snacks, but bring your own picnic lunch. Presented by the Hispanic Business Leaders Council of the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce

¡Únase a los amigos de la Costa Nacional de Fire Island para un día de familia GRATIS en Fire Island! Nos reuniremos en la Terminal del Ferry de Patchogue a las 8:30am. Regístrese antes del 15 de julio para recibir sus boletos de ferry ¡GRATIS! Recibirá un pase de ferry de ida y vuelta, podra regresar en cualquier momento que desee durante todo el día. Brindaremos acceso gratuito y tours bilingües y muchos eventos durante todo el día. Los Amigos de Fire Island proporcionará bocadillos, pero trae tu propio almuerzo de picnic. Presentado por Hispanic Business Leaders Council of the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce

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From land to sea, Friends of Fire Island National Seashore supports the National Park Service locally by engaging diverse local communities, advocacy, forging connections and offering experiences through education, recreation, and preservation.

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“Personally I became the president of the group because I cherish the island, nature, and science and I would like to share it with other students. I was about 7 years old when I first went to Fire Island as part of a school field trip. I was enchanted by the sunken forest with its holly trees, the cleverly evolved fauna, and beaches littered with skate egg cases. During the international student field trip I remember students gasping and exclaiming happily as they saw the beach and monarch butterfly migration. It makes me happy to help provide them that experience and I think fostering an appreciation for nature is important in its conservation. I hope places like Fire Island will inspire students to be environmentally conscious in their lives. In addition, National parks are places where people can enjoy the outdoors and I am happy to support that cause. Appreciation for the environment can also be affected by understanding the value of ecology, and I was also hoping that eventually through participating in research on the island, students could gain a scientific perspective on nature in a pertinent local context.”
- Cara Lin (Founding Board Member of FFINS Student Chapter at Stony Brook University)


“Having an official FFINS student chapter on campus, has given our students and the SJC community as a whole, an opportunity to network and represent our College as environmental ambassadors to our National Parks Service as well as the many other communities that make up Fire Island itself -- to demonstrate that St. Joseph’s College is committed to fostering proper stewardship and responsible tourism in the preservation of our surrounding seashore. This mission of the chapter aligns itself well with our new HTM degree--as such, we’re hoping that our new found Fire Island connections will enable us to introduce our College to a whole new venue of people who will become our students.”
-Renée Kantro (FFINS Board Member)

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January and February 2018 Fire Island National Seashore Events

As Five-Year Sandy Anniversary Nears, NPS Looks Back on Recovery Projects at Fire Island

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The Fire Island National Seashore Visitor Experience Plan

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Latino Outreach Program

The concept behind the design of our Latino Outreach Program is to provide a mix of event based and individual-access based projects that let people increase their awareness of and access to our local national park.

The Latino Outreach Program includes:

Latino Conservation Day: We are providing FREE ferry passes for up to 250 people to go to Fire Island on July 20 for a day of education, recreation and community building. We are also providing Spanish Translators for all the programs offered this day.

Translation Services: We are providing Spanish Translators to shadow the Park Service Rangers who give tours to ensure that we can offer bilingual programs at least once a month all year long. To date, the park does not have a single Spanish Speaking Ranger, so all their programs are only provided in English.

Latino Internship Program: We are hiring a graduate school level intern to help develop and implement programs at the national park that are culturally relevant and bilingual. We expect to be able to hire this intern for the fall 2019 semester.

Complimentary Library Pass Program

FFINS introduced a pilot program this year, providing free ferry passes for the use of residents at three local libraries to distribute through their comprehensive and well-marketed Museum Pass Program. The passes are available to be "checked out" at local libraries in Brentwood, Longwood and Patchogue. And we are looking to expand this pilot program in future years.

Holiday Boat Parade

Every December, we celebrate the holiday season as a part of the annual Boat Parade sailing through Patchogue. Join us for Hot Chocolate as we celebrate Long Islands Maritimes heritage and welcome Santa.

International Student Field Trips

Each Fall, we welcome international students studying at Stony Brook University by taking them on a field trip to visit their local national park. America’s National Park System is unique around the world, and this is a special opportunity to help teach them about out commitment to the public lands of our country.


Thank you to our sponsors and supporters.